About Us

Most students in India get blindly pushed into courses and careers for which they lack aptitude and ‘internal calling’. And, hence, most of the students don’t really know what they want to do and end-up doing a job that they don’t like or even worse unemployed. The lack of market intelligence among students and industry-academia mismatch further contribute to this helplessness.


To tackle this, we have launched MadPhoton, which is a community of ‘Explorers’ and ‘Guides’. 


By connecting with mentors from different job functions and industries, students can explore which career resonates with them. Once students have discovered their passions, our mentors will guide them to reach their aspirations in a learned way. Awareness, Goal setting and Execution are what one learns naturally through MadPhoton. Also, we believe any career one chooses, one grows and growth is what gives one satisfaction.


We have started with the students from engineering colleges and presented to them the various paths they can pursue post their undergrad. We envision a society in which people are not lost but rather living with a purpose and goals.