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We are India’s first Career Development Community, where everyone can provide as well as access mentorship, information and knowledge to make informed decisions on career building. We are dedicated to deliver right guidance at the right time from the right source. We aim to make career decision-making stress-free, informed and insightful for our members.


Our Message

Our career journey is like a trek.

We ascend from post to post towards our ultimate goalpost. We face challenges and we keep going.

In the ultimate trek of life, the Career Trek, we will be your Sherpas. We will be there guiding and assisting you at critical bends & sharp turns, showing you the map of career to walk along and then ensuring that you reach the pinnacle of your dreams.

We will be there to share the joy of achievement and success with you.


In this maddening career race, bring in insight, awareness and sense of purposeful calm to usher in a dynamic future for yourself. We will be your Sherpa.

Remember, we want your success to inspire others too.

Don’t Be Left Behind.

Join The Movement.


Vision & Mission

“To bring career planning & growth to each and everyone.”

We often find ourselves in situations when we need knowledge, awareness or information regarding ‘what now’ in our career. We often don’t take any initiative to answer that question or worse that we lack awareness for this need of ours. It is later on in our lives that we look back and realize what was lacking.

We are here to change that.

We want people to have access to transformative career guidance at critical junctures of their lives.

Life shouldn’t be looking back and regretting, it should be Looking Forward and Winning.

Our Team

Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 10.30.15 AM.png

Our team is diverse, yet each one is committed to the simple idea of Building Up Lives.

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