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"Our core mission is impact. We aspire to transform the way in which careers are born and built. We want you to look before you leap forward, so that you achieve all the success and your life's truest potential. It is the accomplishment of your goals and life-changing results we are after."

-Founders @ MadPhoton

Why MadPhoton

Get the right tools to grow professionally with MadPhoton. Join the career development movement dedicated to growth and satisfying careers.



Explore your dream career and set in on your way to achieve it

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Groom yourself and gain the right perspective for your dream career



Get an unbiased analysis of diverse fields



Set real achievable goals for yourself and get an honest feedback


Get Mentored

Find the right people in your dream profession to guide you



Surround yourself with motivated and like-minded people in your success journey.

What We Offer

Be it student, young professional or a corporate employee, we offer to enrich your professional journey with our expertise in career development. Thousands of individuals are taking the leap forward, don’t be left behind in this dynamic world. Get started now.


State-of- the- art assessments and customised guidance for holistic career development


Early intervention to select career and building your profile under our personal guidance


A step by step approach to choose a career and prepare for the professional journey ahead


Enhance employee productivity and satisfaction with our 

mentoring programs 


Our Thrust Areas

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Providing access to the experience based knowledge through our mentors who have travelled the same professional path as our mentee intends to travel.


With fast changing career landscape, every day brings a new challenge and choices. Only those who adapt quickly will reap the benefits. Our platform emphasises to learn, adapt and grow.


Building a community of knowledge, information and experience which will help in professional, social and psychological development. 

Well being

“It is how well you live that matters, not how long”. Our efforts of imparting guidance will be incomplete if a healthy work-life balance is not achieved.



Yuvraj Bansal

Yuvraj did his undergrad at IIT Delhi, and currently pursuing an MBA from NYU Stern. He worked in various startups mainly before and will be joining Mckinsey upon completing his MBA. He is passionate about guiding others in their careers- things related to start-ups, MBA admissions, consulting, and general career growth.


Ekta Sharma

A graduate of LSR and postgraduate from the Hindu College, Ekta has years of experience in teaching and guiding UPSC aspirants and many students from different fields. She also has expertise in International Relations and Geostrategic Analysis. She has completed big projects in various EdTech firms and has an understanding of various branches of career development and the current needs and expectations of the job market.


Deepesh Jain

Deepesh Jain is a commerce graduate, who cleared CA examination in 2012. He became a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 2017. He has about 10 years of experience in the field of Taxation, Audit, Accounting, Finance, Strategic Planning, and Business Management. Deepesh Jain has passed numerous certificate courses of the ICAI and has also been a co-opted member of the various committees of the regional council of ICAI in the past. Presently, he is a senior managing partner in a family-owned tax consulting firm located in multiple cities of Haryana.


Mayanka Tomar

As a fresh graduate with an MSc in Public Policy and Management from the University of Glasgow, and years of experience as a social sector professional, Mayanka Tomar has gathered expertise in areas like education, gender, health, and environment, and raising awareness, in urban slums and tribal areas.

And Many More...

Get Ready to Transform Your Career With Our Career Development Platform

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