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Discover & Get What You Want

Discover & Get What You Want
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Our Mission


Our mission is to help young minds to make an informed career decision, guide them towards their goals, and not let finances, exposure or any other factor pushes them backward to achieve what they aspire. We envision a society in which people are not lost but rather living with a purpose and goals.

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Freelancer- Creative Design Strategy, graphic design & visual communication


Investor Relations @Magnolian Investco

Sahil Garg

Consultant @Evalueserve

Nikhil Bansal

IRS @Govt. of India

Gurpreet Singh Nagra

Sub Divisional Officer @Punjab Govt.

Yuvraj Bansal

Founder @MadPhoton


Project Manager @India HIV/AIDS alliance



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About the company

Most students in India get blindly pushed into courses and careers for which they lack aptitude and ‘internal calling’. And, hence, most of the students don’t really know what they want to do and end-up doing a job that they don’t like or even worse unemployed. The lack of market intelligence among students and industry-academia mismatch further contributeRead More